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What’s required to register
At least one director and shareholder
These can be the same person.
A UK Registered Office
This is included in both of our International packages.
Company details and ID checks
Quick and easy online application.
How to incorporate in the UK
Select your International package
Complete your application
Submit ID documents online
Receive official incorporation documents
Stay compliant with our accounting services
What’s required to register
(approx €225 excl VAT)
Everything you need to register a UK company from overseas including a Registered Office address
International + Accounting
(approx €1820 excl VAT)
Our all-in-one International package with accounting services to ensure you remain fully compliant
* Based on £199 (incorporation) + £1350 (first year of Accounting Pro services)
Frequently Asked Questions

In order to register a UK company from overseas, you will need:

  • At least one appointed Director and Shareholder who will have responsibility for all business liabilities (this can be the same person)
  • You will need a Registered Office address – this is included in both of our INTERNATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL + ACCOUNTING packages
  • Upon registration you will need to complete your company details and pass ID checks

Once you’ve completed your company registration and we incorporate you with Companies House, you will receive the following documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Share certificates for each Shareholder
  • Company Details
  • Company Minutes

Yes, you can form a limited company in the UK even if you’re not a UK-resident. However, you will need a Registered Office address – this is included in both our INTERNATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL + ACCOUNTING packages.

If you’re not familiar with UK tax liabilities, we’d recommend getting an accountant to manage your accounts. If you select INTERNATIONAL + ACCOUNTING package, you will have the opportunity to select an accounting package best suited to your business’ needs. Confirmation statement, monthly reporting, bookkeeping and management is included with all of our packages.

If you incorporate your limited company as a UK or non-resident, you will be liable to pay UK tax regardless of where you run your business.

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