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Is director privacy important to you?

All records for your company will be held with Companies House as public information – this means the Directors and Secretary (if there is one) service address is public information and accessible online to anyone who looks your company up.
The structure of your company will be public information as this keeps a level of transparency – if you prefer not to have personal addresses listed on public record then we offer a Registered Office service.
Use our prestigious London address as your service address.

You can use our London Regent Street W1 address – this keeps your personal address private and has the added bonus of being a desired location.

This is included in our Privacy package (one directors address is included) – or you can add it as you go through the order process when registering your company. For a simple monthly payment you can use this address on all of your official correspondence, Companies House and public records. We’ll then forward any official mail we receive for your company to whatever address you provide to us. 

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