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Can you make changes to a registered Limited Company?

You can make changes to your company record once it is already regsistered – all changes to your public company record are recorded including the history. This cannot be hidden or deleted.
Here are some of the changes we can help you make:
Changing your Company Name

Yes you can change a limited company name after it has been registered. As long as the new name you’d like to use is available and acceptable then it can be done.

How we can help – To change your company name we can notify Companies House of an unconditional change of name by the company members. We will file and submit proposed new name with Companies House on your behlaf. Once this has been approved and accepted by Companies House we will email you to confirm the change and attach the Companies House issued Change of Name certificate.

This change of name certificate must be presented alongside the original Certificate of Incorporation to show record of the change. The Certificate of Incorporation will always remain as it was when it was originally issued. You will need to present both certificates to the bank so that they can change the name of your business bank account.

The company registration number for your company remains the same.

Change your registered address
You can change the address of your company. Some things to consider:
  • The new address must be in the same country. You cannot for example move a registered office from England to Scotland. The Company is registered under a particular jurisdiction and cannot be changed once registered.
  • The address must be a physical address.
  • There is no limit to how many times you change your registered office address.
  • Remember to tell all who have record of it that it has changed including HMRC.
  • Don’t forget! You can use our Registered Office Service if you need an alternative address and want to move away from your current one.
Making changes to your Officers – Secretary, Persons of Significant Control and or Directors
You can make changes to the officers of the company whether it be changing an address or removing one completely or adding a new one. You only ever have one Secretary and you don’t need one at all. You can list as many Directors as you like and you must have at least one. There must be at least one Director appointed at any one time otherwise the company risks being struck off the public record.
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